What Ever Happened to Greg Kinnear? He’s Still Acting but not in Many Movies Nowadays

What Ever Happened to Greg Kinnear? He's Still Acting but not in Many Movies Nowadays

Staying active in the acting industry after reaching a certain age is difficult in Hollywood. You may retire early, decide to spend time with your family, or your love of acting just fades away after a while.

Whatever the reason, it’s very common these days to see actors who were once big names in Hollywood just disappear from the public eye.

One of those actors is definitely Greg Kinnear.

So what happened to Greg and what is he doing these days?

Gregory Buck Kinnear is an American actor, producer and television personality, born in 1963 in Logansport, Indiana. Greg was born the youngest brother of three and is of Scottish descent.

His parents never had constant work, so Greg moved to cities regularly. He attended and completed a private high school in Greece and later returned to the US for university education.

Greg attended the University of Arizona, where he earned a degree in broadcast journalism.

While studying in Greece, he discovered his passion for hosting radio shows. He had his own radio show called ‘School Daze with Greg Kinnear’.

Kinnear became popular as the first host of “Talk Soup”, which he hosted until 1995. He left the popular show back for the NBC late night talk show “Later with Greg Kinnear”.

His film career began with “Blankman,” an American parody of a superhero comedy filmed in 1994. Not long after, Kinnear landed a major role as David Larrabee in Sydney Pollack’s remake of the 1954 classic “Sabrina.”

As we started seeing his face more and more on television, Kinnear’s career began to blossom. He landed roles in such films as “Dear God,” “As Good as it Gets,” in which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor, “A Smile like Yours,” “Someone Like You,” and so on. On.

One of his most interesting projects is the 2002 film ‘Auto Focus’, the story followed the life and murder of actor Bob Crane.

Greg had worked with some big names at the time, including famed actor Pierce Brosnan in the black comedy “The Matador.”

Kinnear had the honor of starring in the Oscar-winning comedy-drama ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, where he co-starred with Steve Carell.

His other projects include “The Last Song,” in which he plays the estranged father of Miley Cyrus’ character, and the miniseries “The Kennedys,” in which he played John F. Kennedy.

What is Greg doing these days?

As he got older, Greg didn’t really get as many major roles as he once did, it was mostly side characters from then on.

Greg has been married for over two decades and his 23rd anniversary is approaching. He also has three children, all girls, and as we can see from their social media pages, the family is quite close in their household.

While Kinnear didn’t take early retirement, he doesn’t do as many movies as he did. Some of his recent projects include “Misbehaviour,” a 2020 drama film, and 2021’s “Crisis.”

Although we still see Greg doing interviews every now and then. Everyone says he used to be a huge charmer and apparently still is. There are always funny stories to hear and fans have always appreciated the positive vibe Greg was able to pass on.

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