Sasha Alexander Does not Regret Leaving the Cast of “NCIS”

Sasha Alexander Does not Regret Leaving the Cast of "NCIS"

Sasha Alexander is an American actress of Italian and Serbian descent, who has attracted fans with her amazing portrayal of Detective Caitlin Todd in “NCIS”.

And because she’s built quite a fan base with this role, fans were devastated to see Sasha leave the NCIS cast after the first two seasons.

Read on to find out who Sasha Alexander is, and if you already know – read on to find out what happened to Sasha Alexander after leaving NCIS.

48-year-old actress Sasha Alexander (Serbian name Suzana Drobnjakovic) was born in Los Angeles, but grew up in Serbian as her mother is from Serbia.

Sasha’s father is Italian and he was educated in France, so Sasha has had a pretty great life growing up bilingual.

She was always fond of acting, so at the age of 10 she joined the drama club at her school and as soon as she took the stage, she impressed the viewers.

Fun fact: In seventh grade, she was a female lead in the school drama “Baby,” and her male counterpart lost his role and Sasha had to play both lead roles alone, which she did remarkably well!

After years of daily practice, Sasha gave up her figure skating career at age 14 due to a serious knee injury.

Sasha Alexander acting career

Sasha Alexander started her acting career in elementary school when she joined the drama club, but she turned a “pro” in 1999 with her debut on TV in the TV series called “Wasteland”.

This small role soon helped Sasha land a few new roles, including a recurring role on “Dawson’s Creek”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, and she was even a star guest on the sitcom “Friends”.

In 2003, Sasha joined the cast of “NCIS” playing Special Agent Caitlin Todd.

After fans followed Caitlin Todd growing up and being a tough detective on 50 episodes, they were heartbroken when she left the show.

Since her departure from NCIS, Sasha has also starred in “Dark Blue”, “House”, “Rizzoli & Isles” and the 2015 series called “Shameless”.

Some of her more recent projects include small roles in “FBI”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons”.

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Why did Sasha Alexander leave NCIS?

Sasha Alexander left the cast of NCIS in 2005 after serving as the lead agent for 2 full seasons, leaving her fans desperate as she had initially signed on for 6 seasons.

After her departure, the executive producer explained why Sasha dropped out of her portrayal of Caitlin Todd due to the amount of work and the pace of filming on the set of NCIS.

He even said that Sasha came to him crying and said she can’t handle the pressure being put on her so normally he didn’t want to put her through such pain so he let her go.

Executive producer Bellisario said one of the worst steps in Hollywood is replacing one actor with another for the same portrayal, so he decided to debut several episodes with Caitlin Todd.

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