Meghan King in Bathing Suit Says “Thirst Trap” and Looks Stunning

Meghan King looks good! The Real Housewives of Orange County star posted an Instagram photo of herself in the clear blue water.

“I like skiing and I wanted to go. But I have my kids so many times and none of my friends could meet me here. So what have I done? I took advantage of my kid-free days and booked a trip to Park City, UT. Today I skied alone all day…it was a bit awkward riding the lift – over and over – with strangers, it was a bit empowering to eat alone with my glass of champagne, it was a bit hard to get my book tickets and carry all my stuff without any help and logistics sorting out, and it was kind of the most fulfilling master date of my life. Another single mom friend of mine from college @harbenhouse joined me this afternoon so it’s not a full solo trip, but today it was. And counting small steps, because each foot in front of the other allows us to travel miles we never knew they could. So here it is for me. Here’s to FREAKING ME. I do it! I’M DOING IT!” – Meghan Said.

“I want to say first that I am nobody and I never message, but I like to watch housewives for fun because I am far from being a rich housewife. You are so honest and your journey has been hard. I love seeing how positive and unabashed you are. Girl you have a crazy life and honestly you are an inspiration. You do you and your children will prosper,” commented one of the fans.

But that is not everything. Yesterday Meghan shared a new bikini pic with her Instagram followers and she looks gorgeous!

Do you disagree?

By the way, she has 3 kids including twins!!!

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