Is Matthew Vaughn related to Robert Vaughn?

Is Matthew Vaughn related to Robert Vaughn?

It’s not rare in the entertainment industry to get confused with another celebrity, whether it’s because of a physical resemblance (*khm* looking at you Natalie Portman and Kiera Knightley *khm*), or the same last name, for example.

Stay tuned, as Matthew Vaughn and Robert Vaughn are the physical embodiment of this phenomenon.

Robert Vaughn was an American actor, best known for his role on the TV series “The Man from UNCLE”.

After appearing in more than 200 roles over his lifetime, Vaughn had his first notable appearance in “The Young Philadelphians” in 1959.

This role earned him his first Oscar nomination, as well as the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor.


Robert Vaughn was a close friend of Robert F. Kennedy.

However, the role that made Vaughn a household name was certainly the role of Napoleon Solo in the TV show ‘The Man from UNCLE’.

He actively took on roles until around 2012, after which he appeared in some advertisements, before losing a battle with leukemia in 2016.

Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaugh is an English director, producer and screenwriter.

His production debut came at the age of 25 when he produced a thriller called “The Innocent Sleep”.

He went on to produce and direct many of today’s successful and famous films such as “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels”, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” and “X-Men: First Class”.

In addition to “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels”, Vaughn had worked with Guy Ritchie on two other films – “Snatch” and “Swept Away”.

Vaughn is currently working on directing and producing the movie called “Argyle”, starring Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Samuel L. Jackson, Bryan Cranston and John Cena.

Matthew, I am (not) your father

For years, the public had mistakenly believed that Matthew Vaughn and Robert Vaughn were related.

So, where did this disbelief come from?

It turns out that the faith was based on Kathy’s, Matthew’s mother, testimony.

Kathy claimed that she and Robert Vaughn used to date (in the 1970s).

This was exactly when she got pregnant with Matthew.

According to her story, Robert Matthew was bathed in love for the first few months after his birth, insisting on taking his last name and generally being very caring for his then son.

The dream of a happy family soon fell apart when the two decided to part ways.

There were several reasons for this, Robert’s alleged infidelity probably being the deal breaker.

However, before the divorce, the couple was ordered to take a paternity test so that the court could make the right decision when it comes to the child’s alimony.

Matthew Vaughn’s Real Father

To everyone’s surprise, the test came back negative and the couple had continued to live their own lives.

Fast forward to 2021, many people are still wondering – well, then who is Matthew Vaughn’s father?

The answer is George de Vere Drummond, an English aristocrat and godson of King George VI.

Although the actor kept the surname Vaughn in his professional career, he also adopted the de Vere Drummond in his personal life.

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