Is Chris Evans In a Relationship? Detail on His Dating Life and Girlfriend List

Is Chris Evans In a Relationship? Detail on His Dating Life and Girlfriend List

Chris Evans is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now. This famous actor has had quite a few major movie roles over the past two decades, earning him an A-list spot.

Most of you probably know him from his role as Captain America in the famous Marvel sequels “The Avengers”.

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His other famous roles include ‘Knives Out’ where Chris had the chance to work with some of the big names in the acting industry such as Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig and many more.

Chris Evans Dating History

While his movies are undoubtedly interesting to watch, this actor is also known for his good looks and even better personality.

Of course, if you’re rich, famous, and pretty, you won’t automatically get a lot of girls, but it kind of does.

Throughout his life, Chris dated some of the most beautiful celebrities in the industry. The list is quite long, but we will try to mention some of the most interesting moments of his love life.

Captain America’s love status first became interesting to the public when he began dating Jessica Biel in 2001.

During their relationship, the couple worked together on two major film projects, “London” and “Cellular”.

Both often talked about their relationship and how they would like to settle down and start a family together. To everyone’s shock, they decided to split up in 2006 after spending five long years together.

Not long after his split with Jessica, Evans briefly dated a few future stars like Dianna Agron and Minka Kelly.

However, Chris found it very difficult to commit to anyone and he kept changing his status from single to relationship quite often.

This went on until he fell for his then opponent, Jenny Slate, in 2016.

Sadly, the couple broke up in 2017 after being together for a year due to their busy schedules and time-consuming jobs as actors.

After a few months, they decided to give it another chance, but finally broke up in March 2018.

When his relationship with Jenny ended, Evans stated that he definitely wants to have children one day and hopes to find his true love in the years to come.

After the breakup, Evans revealed that he’s “having fun and dating different women” but wants to keep his love life more personal.

Below we’ll list some of the women Marvel’s franchise star Chris Evans has dated over the years.

Kate Bosworth

After starring together in the famous 2000s movie ‘The Newcomers’, there were certain rumors that these two stars started dating.

Although it’s semi-confirmed, the relationship turned out to be nothing really serious.

Emmy Rossum

Emmy and Chris were spotted kissing in a Hollywood bar in 2017. The logical conclusion, of course, was that the handsome actor had found his new lovebird.

As with other relationships, this one didn’t last long either, but the two have stated that they remain friends to this day.

Christina Riccia

The media released some juicy details about Christina and Chris back in 2007 when they appeared at the Met Gala together.

While things looked serious for a while, it turned out again that everyone had raised hopes too soon, as they broke up just a few months later.

Dianna Agron

Following her split from Alex Pettyfer, Dianna and Chris were spotted together at a pre-Oscars bash in February 2011.

They dated briefly and broke up later that same year.

Is Chris Evans currently in a relationship?

Oddly enough, given his prolific dating life, Chris Evans officially entered the single of 2022.

While this may seem like good news to a large number of female celebrities, don’t get your ladies too excited.

There are still rumors that Chris is actually dating the beautiful singer and actress, Selena Gomez.

However, nothing more than speculation is available about these two at the moment. Chris said he’s very open to having kids and getting married, but he just hasn’t had enough luck finding true love throughout his life.

Will Selena be the one? We will know for sure.

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