How Much does Mathew Gray Gubler Make per Episode? 

How Much does Mathew Gray Gubler Make per Episode? 

A successful TV series is a surefire way to hit the rich list, and the first seasons are therefore usually the busiest. When a show starts with a bang, people never seem to talk about it, and this translates into good news for those involved in its success. Matthew Gray Gubler played more than 300 episodes as Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds and made a lasting impression on audiences.

For many years, fans have been impressed by Matthew Gray Gubler for his heartwarming acts on TV and his eccentricity. He rose to fame when he was new to acting, in 2005 when he performed as the young intellectual Dr. Spencer Reid in the blockbuster series Criminal Minds. For more than a decade, fans sat glued to their screens and watched him until the show was completed in 2020. During its 15 years, he appeared in Criminal Minds and kept busy, appearing in such films as 500 Days of Summer, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Horse Girl. In addition to acting, he also wrote and directed several episodes in the hit series. In 2019, he released Rumple Buttercup, which quickly rose to a New York Times Bestseller. After a career spanning nearly 20 years, fans have always wondered how much the actor made per episode.

The actor started his role as Spencer Reid in 2005, and while audiences had a variety to choose from, the series delivered the uniqueness fans always craved. In no time at all, fans were always eager to see upcoming episodes, making it a huge hit. Despite not having enough acting experience, the actor took on the role of Spencer Reid and made it his own. He played the part of Reid for over 300 episodes and fans fell in love with his character. He could have left the cast at any time, but the actor passionately loved playing as Reid, and ended up staying there for a long time. Discussing the character, the actor said, “Reid is making the most of it, and so am I. It’s fun and an honor. He’s a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, and nobody knows what the third is, and I’m not scientific in any way. I think he’s much more analytical than I am.” Getting the part led to a lot of changes in his life and the long lasting success of the show allowed him to earn a lot of money.[EriencetheactortooktheroleofSpencerReidandmadeithisFormorethan300episodesheownedtheroleofReidandfansfellinlovewithhischaracterHecouldhaveleftthecastatanytimebuttheactorpassionatelylovedactingasReidandheendedupbeingaroundforalongtimeWhendiscussingthecharactertheactorsaid”ReidmakesthemostofitandsodoIIt’sfunandquiteanhonorHe’saPhDinphysicsandmathematicsandnobodyknowswhatthethirdoneisandI’minnowayscientificallymindedIthinkhe’swaymoreanalyticalthanIam”Gettingtheroleledtomanychangestohislifeandduetotheshow’slong-termsuccesshewasabletomakealotofmoney[eriencetheactortooktheroleofSpencerReidandmadeithisFormorethan300episodesheownedtheroleofReidandfansfellinlovewithhischaracterHecouldhaveleftthecastatanytimebuttheactorpassionatelylovedactingasReidandheendedupbeingaroundforalongtimeWhendiscussingthecharactertheactorsaid“ReidmakesthemostofitandsodoIIt’sfunandquiteanhonorHe’saPhDinphysicsandmathematicsandnobodyknowswhatthethirdoneisandI’minnowayscientificallymindedIthinkhe’swaymoreanalyticalthanIam”Gettingtheroleledtomanychangestohislifeandduetotheshow’slong-termsuccesshewasabletomakealotofmoney

How much did he get from the show?

So how much was the actor paid while performing as Spencer Reid? Due to the success of the show, he managed to get six figures when it was at its peak. Like others who get the chance to star in a popular series, Gubler didn’t earn much during the early episodes. Still, his popularity resulted in a surge in his earnings over time. In 2012, it was announced that he would receive $100,000 for each episode. This was a nice pay raise, and it allowed the actor to make a lot of money from the show. He would later get another raise, meaning his earnings for each episode rose to $150,000.

It is important to note that the money does not include the money he received from the syndication. This meant he made a lot more of the episodes that aired multiple times. Estimates indicate that his wages may have risen to $3.5 million a year if one includes syndication. The show ended in 2020, but the actor continued to work on several projects. Suppose he gets to act in another successful series, then fans will want to see if he can earn as much as in the hit series. Currently, the actor is one of the most popular prospects in the industry, making him one of the richest and highest paid. According to information dating back to 2021, the actor is worth around $10 million.

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