How Many Wives has Steve Harvey had

How Many Wives has Steve Harvey had

Steve Harvey happens to be one of the most recognized comedians of recent times, and despite his massive professional achievements, he has experienced a lot of trouble in his personal life. The good thing about all the ups and downs related to his marriages and divorces is that the entertainer managed to keep his Mrs. Perfect to find. He is currently married to Marjorie Harvey, but what about his previous marriages?

Marjorie and Steve have been married since 2007 and this is the entertainer’s third marriage and the most successful, running for almost fifteen years and still going strong. Together they have seven children, three from her previous relationships and four from Steve’s previous relationships. Steve and Marjorie are parents and grandparents of a large family. Before their relationship, the host was previously married to Marcia Harvey and Mary Lee Harvey. The star met his first wife, Marcia, at a friend’s party, and the two set off. They would be together for a few years before getting married in 1980.

Marcia is considered Steve’s first love. She came into the life of the future star when the world did not even know about the existence of the comedian. They married in an intimate wedding surrounded by their family and closest friends. She happens to be Steve’s only husband who likes to be inconspicuous, and she didn’t say much during their divorce. Before their marriage, she completed her bachelor’s degree and went to work in a shop in the upper town. Together they shared the little things in life, including the birth of their twin daughters and a son. Their marriage lasted for many years and it was well hidden from public scrutiny until the time of their divorce.

Steve then had a second attempt at marriage when he met Mary Shackelford. The couple has a son together. The two were together for nine years before they decided to break up in 2005. Although they were together for a long period of time, their relationship was so messy that it went viral on the mainstream media. Although Steve had a minor role in all the abuse that came out about their sad union, Marcia made sure she made Steve’s life hell.

When Steve made big strides in his career as a renowned host, Mary was always there to tarnish her husband’s image. Things got out of hand between them for a judge to show his disappointment in her. Although she received a lot of financial support from the divorce, she seemed determined to damage her ex-husband’s reputation. The issues between the two show why divorce was the only best option Steve had.

His current marriage.

It seems the entertainer has an affinity for women whose names start with the letter M. His current wife, Marjorie Bridges, is a designer, blogger, bag stylist and entrepreneur. According to sources, Steve Harvey’s bodyguard forced him to ask her out, as he said Steve was only happy when he was with Marjorie. They would marry in 2007.

Steve is not afraid to praise his current wife. Everyone can see how proud and happy he is in the person he has chosen to marry. In one of his shows and many interviews, he says that Marjorie played an important role in overcoming the depression that resulted from his fateful divorce from Mary and the slander that followed. He says that he is a better version of himself thanks to her and that she has made him more than capable compared to previous times. Looks like he hit the jackpot when he found her. The couple has a big family and when they celebrated their 12th anniversary in 2020, they posted it on Instagram and fans wished them a happy life in the future. It is said that when Steve was invited to host President Trump’s inauguration, Marjorie advised him not to take the job, believing it could be detrimental to his career.

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