How did Scheana Shay Meet Brock Davies?

How did Scheana Shay Meet Brock Davies?

Scheana Marie Shay may have dated a lot of people, but when she found Brock Davies, it seemed like she finally found her Prince Charming. During an interview with Bravo TV, she confessed that she didn’t believe she was completely happy until Davies came into her life. She stated that her relationship felt like the first real one she had experienced. She always lied to herself that she was really happy and that ‘the whole world was made up of sunshine and rainbows’, when that was always a problem. She said she believes she had to kiss many frogs before finding her charming prince, who turned out to be a king. So how did the lovebirds meet?

A mutual friend brought the couple together on an occasion in San Diego. Davies, an Australian, talked about the times they first met on Sheana’s podcast, also known as ‘Scheananigans’. He stated that he had met some of her friends. He was reluctant to hang out with them because he felt he should stay away from Los Angeles girls even though they were chatting. He didn’t know she was famous since the next day, his friend told him her name and showed him his social media handle, and he said ‘Who is this girl? A million followers? Whatever.’ He texted her and they decided to meet again. Although his family knew about the show Vanderpump Rules and knew that Shay was one of the contestants, he had no idea.

It’s safe to say he wasn’t aware of the baggage of celebrity dating. She said they went to BravoCon together, not knowing how crazy she was. She said in one of the episodes, “and so, literally, the first night we walk out of our car, I know there will be paparazzi and stuff. And we still haven’t posted as a static post. I’m like, you guys don’t get that yet. I’ll post some stories here and there so you can see a little bit, we’re doing this podcast, but obviously I don’t really have much of a private life, and you won’t have much of it any time soon.” She also confessed to posting them multiple times to all the people she’d dated before.

Davies the deserving friend

She also said that she wasted a lot of money on undeserved guys. Ever since she found the ideal man who deserves everything she can get, he always wants her not to spoil him because he thinks she’s done enough for her, but the reality star doesn’t listen and she goes on to buy more stuff. Since the beginning of their relationship, the Australian gym owner and athlete impressed Shay with his sweet gestures. The star says he sent her flowers the first week they met. She said: “There were so many little things that took off right away that I think you know, if you feel it, say it, do it. Live your best life.” She also recalled how her past relationships, including her marriage to ex-husband Michael Shay and her relationship with Rob Valletta, were pivotal in making her the person she is.

On to the next.

She went headlong into relationships, saying, “I say jump in, and then you know what, if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t wasted that much time.” She also confessed that after her breakup with Michael, she jumped into her relationship with Valletta too quickly before giving herself time to process her failed marriage.

She explained: “I just went on like everything was fine, and I think after such a long relationship, a marriage, a divorce, something that was so traumatic when it ended, I think you have to give yourself some time Still, have fun, but know you probably shouldn’t jump right in because that’s a rebound. I felt like I was dealing with two breakups at once, and that made it a lot harder for me.” She admitted that her current relationship was too fast-paced, as they had traveled out of the country five weeks after they started dating, and Davies was the one who made it official.

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