How did Michael C. Hall Meet His Wife Morgan MacGregor

How did Michael C. Hall Meet His Wife Morgan MacGregor

Many people know Michael C. Hall from his role as the main character in the hit TV series Dexter. Although the series ended in 2013, the actor has had a successful career on stage, in movies and on TV. Hall’s personal life has been the subject of debate, even more so than his work. Despite his marriage to Morgan MacGregor, many still want to know more about his personal life. This is fueled by the couple’s urge to maintain a low-key relationship. Fans have always wondered how Hall met his wife as few people knew they were dating.

The couple has been married for over five years. They started dating for four years before deciding to tie the knot. The relationship came as a shock to many as no one knew the actor was dating. The only information available about their relationship is that they exchanged vows at New York City Hall. Canadian-born editor and writer, Morgan is an associate editor at Los Angeles Review Books. She is also a book critic and critic. Since her background does not include celebrities, little is known about her. One thing is certain; she is interested in literature and is always looking for opportunities in editing and writing. Several sources also say she has an interest in writing novels, and she has worked on a few, though details about the novels are scarce.

The couple started dating in late September 2012. Hall had just divorced his previous wife, Jennifer Carpenter, when he met the writer. Their romance was revealed when they first appeared together at the Emmy Awards in 2012. They dated for four years, culminating in their wedding in February 2016 in New York. Months after the wedding, the newlyweds were spotted at the Hyundai Mercury Prize event in London. Although they have been together for over five years, the couple has no children together. Michael C. Hall doesn’t even have children from his previous marriages.

Preserving their privacy

It’s hard to find the couple taking pictures and sharing sentimental messages on social media because they have a low profile about everything including their relationship. The actor has already said that he prefers not to discuss his relationship, because he considers it a part of his life that “belongs to no one else”. In a recent discussion, he opened up a bit about his wife. He said, “She’s just an incredible girlfriend and is a remarkable combination of intelligence and kindness, and she can tell me the truth in a way that I can really bear.” He also confessed that her input is very important to his career. He also spoke about their thoughts on growing the family. He stated: “It’s not news to anyone, but it’s a crazy world, and bringing someone into that world for a front row seat is something that makes me pause. But it’s also something that we talk and think about.”

Hall’s Past Relationships

Hall has been married to beautiful women before. His first wife was Amy Spanger, with whom they tied the knot in 2002. Spanger is a dancer, singer and actress. They split in 2007. The actor played the part of Billy Flynn, and Spanger was his co-star, as Renee Zellweger. Immediately after the divorce, Hall began dating his Dexter co-star, Jennifer Carpenter. They would later reveal that they already had a wedding at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards. After a few years in their marriage, differences started to arise and in 2010, the actor said he had filed for divorce, citing that they had already were “separated” for a while. The reason for their separation, according to both parties, was irreconcilable differences of opinion. The final nail in the coffin was in December 2012, when the divorce proceedings were finalized. Despite their divorce, the two are still friends and worked together for several seasons on the series Dexter.

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