Did Paul Thomas Anderson Date Fiona Apple and Maya Rudolph at the Same Time?

Did Paul Thomas Anderson Date Fiona Apple and Maya Rudolph at the Same Time?

Since appearing as a cast member on Saturday Night Live in 2007, Maya Rudolf has been growing stronger in the entertainment industry.

Her specialty is comedy, of course, and you may remember seeing her in Sisters, Bridesmaids, Grown Ups, and Wine Country.

Maya has also lent her voice in hit movies like Big Hero 6, Big Mouth, The Mitchells vs. The Machines and Luca.

Maya is currently working on another project with Peacock’s Baking It.

She will reunite with SNL counterpart Andy Samberg in Baking It. The two host baking teams and guide them to compete for a cash prize on the show.

They also offer funny commentary to keep you glued to your screen. Their report also includes jokes about how the show was a deal breaker. Though the Bridesmaids star is notoriously private, Maya and her long-term partner, Paul Thomas Anderson, have four children.

The couple has occasionally allowed the public to peek into their personal lives.

Let’s find out more about how they met and if Paul Thomas Anderson dated Fiona Apple and Maya Rudolph at the same time!

After about four years of dating, Maya and Paul (who is known for his works in Punch-Drunk Love, Inherent Vice, and Licorice Pizza) became parents for the first time.

They had their first child in 2005 and named her Pearl. Their second child, Lucille, came four years later, in 2009.

The couple had welcomed their son Jack in 2011, and their fourth child Minnie Ida was born in 2013.

Minnie is named after Rudolph’s mother, Minnie Riperton, a prominent singer in the 1970s. She died in the late 1970s after a battle with cancer.

Still, the actress rarely shows her children on Instagram and other social media channels. They are mainly from social media platforms but the actress has been discussing her parenting journey.

Rudolf has previously praised her kids for being active performers and being able to connect with them when it comes to her performance with Baking It.

“My children like to bake. if i want [I] were more of a baker, but there’s a lot of inventive baking in my house, especially with my younger kids, which is usually my favorite,” she revealed in an interview.

Who is Thomas Paul Anderson?

California native Thomas Paul Anderson is the mastermind behind several films including Magnolia, Boogie Nights, The Master, There Will Be Blood and Phantom Thread.

Thomas Paul is currently 50 and has received eight Oscar nominations, including best director for his work in There Will Be Blood and Phantom Thread in 2018. Paul belonged to the first generation of video stores, according to his IMDB page.

Paul Anderson and Maya Rudolph Never Married

According to reports, the couple started dating in 2001. At the time, Paul wrote and directed a skit for SNL during Maya’s tenure.

They didn’t start dating right away because Paul was dating Fiona Apple. Neither Paul nor Maya ever discussed how they first met, so people don’t know yet if it all started with SNL.

Yet they have never officially tied the knot, they consider each other husband and wife.

In a 2018 film with The New York Times, the actress revealed that it felt okay to call her boyfriend Paul, even after their first child.

She also noted that she didn’t feel comfortable calling him husband, as it indicated a strong commitment.

“People know what that means. It means he’s the father of my kid, and I live with him, and we’re a couple, and we’re not going anywhere,” she told The New York Times.

Despite not taking their vows, the couple has spent about 20 years together strengthening their devotion to each other.

Maya, Paul and their four children live as a happy family in the San Fernando Valley.

You can watch all episodes of Baking It Season one via the live stream on Peacock.

Did Paul Thomas Anderson date Fiona Apple and Maya Rudolph at the same time?

Paul Anderson didn’t date Fiona Apple and Maya Rudolph at the same time. His relationship with Fiona broke down after three years in 2000 and he started dating Maya in 2001.

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