BLACKPINK Jisoo Jung Hae In To Star in a Rom-Com Webtoon Based Drama

BLACKPINK Jisoo Jung Hae In To Star in a Rom-Com Webtoon Based Drama

BLACKPINK Jisoo Jung Hae stars in a Rom-Com webtoon based drama. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp webtoon based drama. Jisoo Jung Hae In romcom drama. Jisoo, Jung Hae In the latest news. Doctor Elise BLACKPINK Jisoo. Now people like to read webtoons and also like to watch dramas based on webtoon stories. Korean industries produce dramas. Little Rain is currently attracting the attention of webtoon readers. It is highly recommended to turn this webtoon into a drama.

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Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp Plot Summary

Using the memories of the youngest doctor in South Korea, a lady is transported back in time to relive her past life as Princess Elise. She decides to apply for modern medicine at a time when it wasn’t available, but she soon learns that she can’t cure everything, like a broken heart.

Elise has a lot more on her plate than she expected as she gets the chance to make amends with the people she’s wronged. She also makes Linden D Romanoff fall in love with her.

BLACKPINK Jisoo Jung Hae To Star In A Rom-Com Drama ‘ROMCOM SERIES FOR HAESOO’ Trends

A romantic comedy with BLACKPINK Jisoo and Jung Hae In is in high demand following the success of the JTBC’s “Snowdrop”, featuring the members of BLACKPINK Jisoo and Jung Hae In. In fact, just a few days after the “Snowdrop” finale aired, the phrase “ROMCOM SERIES FOR HAESOO” became a global trending topic.

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BLACKPINK Jisoo Jung Hae To Star In Rom-Com Webtoon Based Drama
BLACKPINK Jisoo Jung Hae To Star In Rom-Com Webtoon Based Drama

In recent weeks, the JTBC romantic drama “Snowdrop” came to an end on Sunday, January 30. Moreover, the drama BLACKPINK represents Jisoo’s first television appearance in a major acting role, and it is also her first collaboration with rising star Jung Hae In .

The drama “Snowdrop” is still a hit, despite the problems and claims that jeopardized its broadcast.

Despite this, many fans and viewers are disappointed with the ending of the drama.

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Fans of HAESOO had hoped for a happy ending for Im Su Ho (Jung Hae In) and Eun Young Ro (BLACKPINK Jisoo), who both had enough hardships already, but the ending was a complete tearjerker instead.

At the end of the drama, Su Ho sacrifices himself to save Young Ro from the bullets fired by the special forces that are supposed to kill the North Korean spy.

Young Ro receives from him before closing his eyes a cassette recording, in which his most sincere thoughts are before the latter, causing supporters and spectators to cry with him.

Despite the fact that “Snowdrop” is an unparalleled drama – with incredible drama props and designs, breathtaking setting and top-notch performances from the actors – fans still long to see Jisoo and Hae In in another romantic-comedy masterpiece. . “ROMCOM SERIES FOR HAESOO” is the hottest trending topic on the Internet a few days after the drama’s completion.

Fans and fans alike can expect the two great actors to reunite in a light-hearted drama featuring topics such as “Fight For My Way,” starring Kim Ji Won, and Park Seo Joon, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo,” starring Lee Sung in the lead role. the lead role. Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk, and other projects in the future

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