Are Taylor Swift and Scott Eastwood Friends? Here’s What We Know About Their Relationship

Are Taylor Swift and Scott Eastwood Friends? Here's What We Know About Their Relationship

In 2015, Scott Eastwood surprised everyone when he appeared in Taylor Swift’s music video “Wildest Dreams”.

So what’s the backstory to this apparition? Did he do it because they are friends?

Let’s investigate.

Scott Eastwood is an American actor and model who has appeared in numerous notable projects. These include “Gran Torino”, “The Forger”, “Texas Chainsaw”, “Mercury Plains”, “Snowden”, “Suicide Squad”, “The Outpost”, and many more.

However, he is probably best known as the son of one of Hollywood’s icons – Clint Eastwood. While many would probably try to get a part because of the last name alone, Scott saw things differently.

He decided to change his last name to Reeves when he auditioned, to avoid favoritism from his father.

Scott also stated that he auditioned for all of his father’s films and was turned down for Clint’s “American Sniper” in 2015.

Still, he has shown that he inherited many of his father’s talents and that acting was just in his blood. It wasn’t long before he started landing some big roles.

Taylor Swift is an American singer and songwriter best known for her narrative songwriting inspired by her personal love life.

Although she was originally born in Pennsylvania, Taylor moved to Tennessee at age 14 to pursue a career as a country music singer.

With over 200 million records sold worldwide, she secured a place on the list of the best-selling musicians of all time. She has charted eight times on the Billboard Hot 100 and has won 11 Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award and 34 American Music Awards.

Taylor was also included on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time list and on Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Artists list.

In addition to having an influential music career, she is also a strong advocate for artists’ rights and women’s empowerment.

Are Taylor Swift and Scott Eastwood Friends?

In a 2015 interview, Scott said he was a big fan of Taylor Swift’s music and that he often blows to it in his car. He described it as his ‘guilty pleasure’.

“Taylor Swift. My car. Singing from the top of my lungs,” Scott told the reporter, explaining that he can’t pick his favorite Swift song because they are “all so good”. Although, his first choice was “Shake It Off”.

Interestingly, Scott isn’t the only Eastwood to love Taylor’s songs. Clint also told MTV News in 2009 that he loves her music. “Taylor Swift? Yes, I think I like her. I’ve been listening to her music recently and she’s really good,” said the king of westerns.

While there’s no official evidence that Taylor and Scott were ever friends or hung out before the release of “Wildest Dreams,” there was likely mutual acknowledgment between the two that led to the filming of the music video.

Even today, we don’t really see them attending certain events together, but we suppose they stayed in good relationships after their collaboration.

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