3 Best Episodes Of The Peaky Blinders Ever According To Reddit

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Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby. Photo: BBC

It’s not uncommon for even the most brilliant TV shows to have certain episodes that could be considered mediocre.

While viewers may not like these episodes as much as others, they are usually important for story/character development.

On the other hand, there are those episodes that bring out the ‘wow’ in us, the episodes that make a show truly iconic. These episodes hook viewers into the story and convince many to binge the entire season.

Since “Peaky Blinders” will be released in early 2022, we decided to go through the existing seasons and find out which episodes fans liked the most.

The series has five seasons and each season contains six episodes.

We can say that the show has fewer episodes per season than other popular TV shows, but the quality of the episodes and the excellent acting make it one of the best TV shows of the 21st century.

While this kind of discussion is mostly based on a viewer’s subjectivity, these are some of the episodes that the huge community on Reddit considers the best.

Peaky Blinder. Season 1, Episode 6.

Season 1, Episode 6 (2013)

Looking at the IMDB ratings for season finales, not many shows can compare to the Peaky Blinders. Each season finale is rated around 9.2 and above, and the final episode of season 1 is no different.

As Thomas Shelby plans a way to get rid of Billy Kimber, some disturbing family secrets are revealed and we see Campbell’s last-ditch attempt to ruin the Shelby family.

The showdown between the Peaky Blinders and Kimber’s gang is the scene we’ve been waiting for all season.

The men come out for a western duel with their best firearms, while Tommy manages to end the war for a short time with a single bullet to Billy Kimber’s face. Nobody expected the scene to end like this, and it was one of the first times we saw how bad Tommy Shelby is.

While many critics consider this episode the weakest season finale in Peaky Blinders, it does represent a scene that kept many viewers watching the show.


Cillian Murphy lived with gypsies to prepare for the role of Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders Season 4 Episode 1.

Season 4, Episode 1 (2017)

According to most Reddit users, Season 4 is arguably the Peaky Blinders’ best season yet. The first episode does a great job of introducing viewers to the new plot.

We see Tommy living alone, completely isolated from his family and everyone else he cares about. It’s Christmas Eve and each member of the Shelby family receives a letter reuniting them all. John and his wife, Esme, are the only ones not to show up at the reunion.

The shooting and murder of John Shelby not long after is arguably the series’ most shocking scene that no one saw coming. After this, we realize that Luca Changretta and his crew are not messing around at all. Luca is a new kind of enemy, far more dangerous than the last Tommy faced.

The shocking murder of one of the three Shelby brothers and a brilliant introduction to Luca Changretta make this episode one of the highest-rated by Reddit users.

Peaky Blinders. Season 2, Episode 6.

Season 2, Episode 6 (2014)

The series finale of season 2 is without a doubt one of the best episodes of Peaky Blinders. Plus, with a rating of 9.6//10 on IMDB, it can easily be placed on the list of the best episodes on TV in general.

The much anticipated Derby day is coming and we see Tommy in a critical position. He has a plan to take out his enemies, but is shocked to discover Grace is pregnant with his child.

Meanwhile, Polly carries out her assignment and kills Campbell. However, it seems it’s all too late when we see Campbell’s men take Tommy to an empty field where he will be executed. Or at least, who we thought were Campbell’s men.

Just before his execution, one of the men turns and shoots the other two in the head. We soon find out that he does indeed work for Winston Churchill and that he sees a potential ally in Tommy for the future.

Tommy is free to go and it is the first time on the show that we see him getting emotional. The scene where he lights his “last” cigarette before the execution, yelling “I’ve damned almost everything,” is considered one of the best scenes in the entire show.

While there are many episodes that deserve to be on the list, these three stood out in the Reddit community. We’ll now have to wait a bit and see how Season 6 compares to the previous one, and what new iconic scenes the future episodes will bring.

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