Bigg Boss 15 symbol Sehajpal Runner up could not hold back the tears Salman Khan consoled him

New Delhi: The winner of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ is Tejaswi Prakash. The show’s runner-up symbol Sahajpal was present there. For a long time, fans have been waiting for the grand finale of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ which finally ended on Sunday. In the gorgeous Big Boss final, many hoped that the symbol would win the winner’s trophy but it did not happen. At the last moment, Salman Khan raised the hand of Tejaswi Prakash and declared him the winner of Bigg Boss 15.

Pratik started crying as soon as he lost the show
At the same time the hearts of the fans of the symbol Sahajpal are broken. Let me tell you, people also liked the symbol game. Rather, he was the first ‘Big Boss OTT’ member to be confirmed for Big Boss 15. He may not have won the show but he must have won the hearts of the people. Symbol also hoped he could win the show. As soon as Tejaswi Prakash was declared the winner, Pratik could not control himself and started crying.

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Salman Khan took charge
In such a situation, Salman Khan took the symbol in his hand. He hugs the symbol and is also seen mumbling on stage. After that, the rest of the contestants of the show also arrived to meet the symbol. Shamita Sethi and Nishant Bhatt hugged him. We tell you that Shamita Sethi, Pratik Sahajpal and Nishant Bhatt became good friends on the show. In Bigg Boss 15, Karan Kundra is third and Shamita Sethi is fourth.

Prateek Sehajpal has become the Bigg Boss 15 update runner up

As soon as Tejaswi Prakash was declared the winner, Pratik could not control himself and started crying. (Photo credit: bigg.boss.16.update / instagram)

Salman Khan showed the way
Pratik Sahajpal used to play a very aggressive game at the beginning of the program. He used to get angry in conversation, but after repeated interruptions, Salman Khan advised him to control this habit. On which the symbol has worked hard and he has shown it. Former Bigg Boss winner Gawhar Khan tweeted in support of the symbol and wrote: ‘The peace of the studio after the announcement is enough to say everything. Bigg Boss 15 deserved only one win and the world saw him as brilliant. Symbol You have won the heart. You were the favorite of all the guests who went inside. People love you Keep moving forward.

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Remembering Siddhartha Shukla, Salman became emotional
In addition, there was a dance competition with some of the Bigg Boss 15 contestants with former winners who came to the show. No, the star cast of the upcoming film ‘Gehraiyan’ also took part in this grand finale, where Deepika Padukone and Ananya Pandey added glamor. With this, Shehnaz Gill also arrived on the show and both she and Salman Khan became very emotional remembering the late actor Siddharth Shukla. Shahnaz Gill gave a performance for Siddharth Shukla in the grand finale.

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