Back in mind? Try Cloudle, the Wordle alternative that’s all about climate

Cloudle is a Wordle alternative that will put your weather forecasting skills to the test. Check it now.

Hate waiting for the next Wordle puzzle that takes exactly 24 hours? If yes, then you can check out this bizarre alternative Wordle game called Cloudle. This game will put your weather skills to the test while preserving the well-known Wordle format. This new Wordle clone challenges you to accurately predict the weather. It follows Wordle’s basic template, but there’s a catch. You have to guess a five day weather forecast of any city instead of guessing a hidden five letter word. That means you don’t have to string letters together, but select and arrange weather symbols. Here’s everything you need to know about Cloudle

What is Cloudle and how can you play it?

Cloudle is identical to Wordle and you have to guess the five day forecast in six times or less. The game format is also similar to Wordle in that guesses are color coded. A gray box indicates that the weather type will not appear in the week, while a yellow box means that the weather type will appear on a different day than you guessed, and a green box means that you got that day’s weather correct.

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In the game, you are given a city somewhere in the world and you have to correct weather icons such as sunny skies, scattered clouds, rain, thunderstorms, snow, fog, etc. You have to guess the five: weather forecast for that city the way you Wordle Answer of the Day Guesses. You get six chances to guess the prediction and a new city every day. You have to choose a weather symbol that appears in the forecast, but not in the right place, and you get an idea that you are on the right track. You slowly move forward with the options until you come up with the right forecast.

You can guess based on the city’s location. For example, if it’s Seattle, Washington, or Copenhagen, you can mark rain and that would be fine about half the time, but if it’s Las Vegas, Nevada, and Perth, it shouldn’t mark snow. And if your own city ever pops up in a puzzle, it’s a win-win situation. Also keep in mind that Cloudle strategies will change throughout the year as the weather continues to change in different parts of the world.

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