Apple AirTag second generation launched?

According to a tweet from TFI International Securities, the latest reports have suggested that Apple has gradually expanded deliveries of the AirTag since its debut.

Apple had introduced AirTags as a way of tracking items, but the latest reports have suggested that Apple has gradually expanded deliveries of the AirTag since its debut, according to a tweet from TFI International Securities.

Gadgets like AirTags use a wireless connection to notify users when they leave their current location. The devices can be placed anywhere due to the size of a huge coin, according to Mashable.

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In April 2021, Apple launched AirTag, a gadget that allows users to track lost personal items with their iPhone. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts AirTag shipments will reach 20 million units in 2021 and 35 million units in 2022, a 75 percent increase from last year. “I believe Apple will continue to grow as AirTag shipments,” said the analyst.

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While it’s hard to see how the original AirTag could be improved, Apple regularly releases updates to all of its other hardware products, so it would be unusual for the AirTag to be omitted. Apple wasn’t the first company to release a small control device, but like other hardware categories, it improved what was already available. The AirTag is attractive in terms of both aesthetics and ease of use. Apple gear is designed to work flawlessly together, and the AirTag is no exception. It’s all very easy and straightforward, from plugging in your phone to locating it if it gets lost, Mashable reports.

But Apple may not be happy to hear that AirTags are being used to spy against the will of the people. The company soon developed anti-stalking features to make this kind of abuse more difficult.

Ming-Chi Kuo said AirTag sales aren’t up yet, but they’re starting to gain momentum as iPhone buyers find AirTags useful and easy to set up and use.

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