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Last Updated On March 20, 2023

UP Scholarship 2023: I want to tell all of you students that if you are worried about when the UP scholarship will come, then we will talk about it, from here you will get to know all the things that when the last scholarship will come, whose scholarship will come. First of all, let me tell you about all these things that many students are worried about whether their scholarship will come or not, yes, first of all, let me tell you that the scholarship of the students has started coming. Although the scholarship date is on 25th March. On March 25, it will be sent to all those students whose status is absolutely correct, many students have already checked their status.

Now all the students are having doubts whether their scholarship will come, so first of all let me tell that the form of the students which is now verified by the district committee, the form of many students is absolutely correct but there are many such students. Those whose form has been wrong, then the scholarship committee had given a chance to those whose form was wrong, to verify and send the form, many students have already sent it, again a new status will come, from there you will get to know that your Which day will the scholarship come?

UP Scholarship Status

Scholarship will not come to such students

If you have filled the form of UP scholarship, then you want to know that which students will not get scholarship, then first of all let me tell you that if you have checked the status, then you have come to know that what is your status if If your status is wrong, then your scholarship will not come. Now the student who is worried about the fact that he had filled the form correctly, yet how did it go wrong.

There are many students who do not fill their form themselves, rather they fill the form from a cyber cafe, so there are many mistakes that do not pay attention at that time, although you must have a chance to check the form once. They give it, but they may not be able to pay that much attention to what is right and what is wrong in your phone, in such a situation, the status of many students has been wrong and the students whose status has been wrong, their scholarship will not come.

Check Scholarship Status like this online from here

I am telling you the way to come to check the status, you can see your status very easily in this way, you were told below that you have to follow some steps, you will be able to see the status from there.

  • First of all you have to click on this link UP Scholarship Status: Click
  • A new page will open in front of you, where you will get some information, it is told here, you can also learn to check the status from here.
  • At the bottom of this page, you will find all the links to check the status, whether you are studying in any class.
  • If you are in 09th, 10th class then you (Pre Matric) Click on the status of
  • If you are a student of 11th, 12th then you (Post Matric) have to click on
  • If you are doing any course then you (Post Matric Other than Intermediate) have to click on
  • From here you will be able to check the status of your Scholarship Status
  • as you click you a Login Portal will come.
  • This Login In the portal you have to enter your registration number which was received while filling the scholarship.
  • After that you will have to fill your date of birth.
  • When you are filling the scholarship form, at that time you would have received a password, now you have to fill the password.
  • After filling the password, a captcha will be given below, you have to fill the captcha.
  • Now you will see a submit option here submit have to do
  • When you submit, your scholarship details will open here, here you will get the status of the form.

what was in this post

Friends, in this post I have talked about which UP scholarship will come and when it will come and here we have told a very easy and simple way that how you can check Scholarship Status also, we have also given the link here if you If you want to check from here, then click on the link only from here, a new page will open there, all the things have been explained step by step, you can check your status by following from the office.

Disclaimer : Here is an information that we provide to you, our aim is that you can check the information, status, list of the scheme, any decision related to it will be your final decision, for this we or any member of our team is not responsible. Will happen : Thank you


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