After this Google Maps feature you will NOT be able to commute without it! Android, iPhone users check this

A new Google Maps feature makes commuting easier for travelers by calculating tolls before the trip even begins.

India is one of the first four countries where Google Maps will release the latest update. This Google Maps feature allows users to see an estimated toll price that they may have to pay during their journey before they even begin the journey. In addition to India, this feature is also rolling out to Indonesia, Japan, and the US. This feature will be available on both Android and iOS. It was first announced in April, but now Google is starting its first series rollout. This Google Maps functionality can be very helpful for users who want to find a free route or manage their expenses before traveling. Also read: Five Things Google AI Bot Wrote That Convinced the Engineer It Was Sentimental

Google unveiled this new feature in a after on Tuesday. The message read: “To make it easier to choose between toll roads and regular roads, we are introducing toll prices on Google Maps for the first time”. Explaining how it works, the post added: “You will see the estimated toll price to your destination before you start navigating thanks to reliable information from local toll authorities. We look at factors such as whether or not you have a toll pass, what day of the week it is and how much the toll is expected to cost at the specific time you cross the toll”.

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New Google Maps feature makes estimating toll prices in India easier

Tolls are often a source of confusion for many regular travelers in India. Even with government-provided information about the placement of different toll booths across the country, details about the final amount to be paid, whether the toll booth is weekly or daily, or has different prices at different times, is often hard to come by. This feature of Google Maps can solve this problem by providing the traveler with information in one view, so that they can make an informed decision without having to search multiple websites. In addition, Google wants to help users avoid toll roads by offering alternative routes without tolls where possible. Also read: Use Google Maps Offline! Know what to do

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“Within the settings you have the option to display toll prices with or without a toll pass, as in many countries the price changes based on the payment method you use. You also still have the option to completely avoid routes crossing toll roads if possible by selecting ‘Avoid Toll Roads’ in settings,” the message reads.

When first rolled out, the map will cover more than 2,000 toll roads in the four countries. It should be noted that the feature displays the default pass and as it is still early some toll booths may not appear on Google Maps. For now, we recommend using this feature in a support role rather than relying entirely on it.

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