A MAJOR solar flare could have a huge impact on Earth – power, phones to the internet!

A solar flare is a huge burst of energy from the sun. What if we are directly hit by a big one? This is how solar flares can affect us.

The sun is essential to the survival of both plants and humans on Earth, but this gigantic source of energy can also disrupt all kinds of technology on Earth, including the largest communication system on which we depend in the current age! – the internet The greatest threat to the sun is solar flares, which are the powerful large bursts of electromagnetic radiation from the sun’s surface that hurtle into space at tremendous speeds. Thanks to the Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere, which act as a shield to protect us daily from the effect of the sun’s rays, humanity is mostly untouched, save for a few incidents of radio interference. However, these solar storms also create something beautiful: the auroras. However, the potential to cause death and destruction is huge, as a strong solar flare can create a massive geomagnetic storm that can destroy the internet, cell phones, satellites, power grids and more. Also read: This man captured an Earth-sized solar flare with a telescope!

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How can solar flares affect the Earth?

Impact on power

Have you heard of the Carrington event in 1859? The massive solar flare had a huge impact on the Earth, including the faulty power grids. Even in the 1980s, a solar flare-induced geomagnetic storm suffered a massive power outage in Quebec, Canada, leaving millions without electricity. Similar events can happen even today when a massive solar flare hits Earth. When that happens, the grid will shut down and anything that depends on electricity will stop functioning.

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Impact on communication

Not only power, but daily communication can be stopped with interrupted power, internet and GPS systems we use. That includes everything, phone calls, internet, anything can be affected. And it can lie for months, because it takes a lot of time to restore the damaged and destroyed infrastructure


While on the one hand the solar flares can cause many disturbances, on the other hand it also has one good result. The northern lights or aurora can illuminate the sky for a spectacular view! NASA explains how those fascinating lights are generated in the sky at the poles. It says, “Auroras are created when charged particles from the sun are trapped in Earth’s magnetic environment — the magnetosphere — and conducted to Earth’s upper atmosphere, where collisions cause hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms and molecules.” glow.”

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