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S.C. (અનુસુચિત જાતિ ) નાં જે વિદ્યાર્થી ઓ એ સને 2014 -2015 ના પ્રથમ વર્ષ માં એડમિશન મેળવેલ છે .અને જેને સાધન સહાય મેળવવા માટે ફોમ ભરેલ તેની સાધન સહાય મંજુર થતા તેમની રકમ SBI &BOI બેન્ક માં જમા કરાવેલ છે


The institution is committed to the cause of dynamic hub for integrated technical education catering to the changing needs of human resources while achieving highest level of teaching –learning skills, quality and contributing to the technological excellence.


Adopting “Need Based Teaching and Value Based Learning”, SIR BHAVSINHJI POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, will act as a hub in the area of technical education, emphasizing the all round development of its students. Identifying the needs of industries, making teaching- learning a vibrant system for producing highly qualified technician engineers to share technological and economic development, and the ultimate endeavor is to mould, refine and prepare strong world class manpower for our great nation.

Quality Policy

We remain committed to provide demand driven quality education, training, and services related products to develop human resources for technical education system, industry, community and field agencies in India and abroad ensuring customer delight and stratification of interested parties. This is achieved by processes, which are professionally designed and executed, through involvement of people, team work and dedicated endeavors with focus on continual improvement of the quality management of the quality management system, through measurement and analysis

Prof. Y. M. Gandhi

Last Updated : 10/11/2015

NOV /DEC -2014 માં ડીપ્લોમાં પાસ થયેલ વિદ્યાર્થી ઓ ના PROVISONAL CERTFICATE આ વેલ હોય I CARD / ANY OTHER I D PROFF સાથે લાવી PROVISONAL CERTFICATE STUDENT SECTION માંથી સવારે 11 :30 થી 1 :00 અને બપોરે 3:00 થી 5 :00 દરમિયાન મેળવી લેવું .